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We applied to the Fairtrade Foundation in 2003 and met their criteria to become a Fairtrade Church. Our certificates can be seen on the notice boards.

We have committed to:

  1. Use Fairtrade Tea and Coffee for all meetings for which we have responsibility.
  2. Move forward on using other Fairtrade products, such as Sugar, Biscuits etc.
  3. Promote fair-trade during Fairtrade Fortnight and through other activities wherever possible.

Everyone within the church has to do their best to make this work.
Group Leaders are asked to use Fairtrade Goods at meetings, coffee mornings, etc. and to advertise and to and promote Fairtrade Goods.
Individuals if you donate tea,coffee, biscuits etc. please make them Fairtrade goods.

Ask For a Fairtrade tea or coffee when asked what what you would like.
Purchase from your Fairtrade table once a month, items you would normally buy at the supermarket. We have a good selection of tea, coffee, other drinks, jam, honey, marmalade, biscuits, muesli,  geobars,  pasta, rice, dried fruit, loads of fruit etc. Loads of chocolate and sweets.

To those who continue to support Fairtrade – Thank You.

To those who could – Please come along and have a look