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East Kilbride

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Please join us in worship LIVE each Sunday at 11am - in our church if you can, or on-screen below

Sunday 3rd July

All versions are trimmed and updated:

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Photos from last year, details and registration form for this year



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On this page you will find:
  • Services in Church & Online
  • Other Formats (for housebound members without internet)
  • Hymn Details
  • Sunday School
  • Messy Church   
  • Contact details
Sunday Morning Worship - In Church and Online
Do join us in church if you can this Sunday - it's so lovely to see people back in the pews again, and enjoying a wee cuppa and chat after the service in the Lower Hall!
Live Sunday morning services begin at 11am, both in the church (the best experience for most people) and via online live broadcast on this website, Facebook and Youtube.

Note: If you are new to our church, or any church, we have more information and a 'Newcomers Guide' on our 'Worship with Us' page. We also have elders on hand each week to help you and answer your questions - just look for their name badges.

Anne in pulpit blue


i) Attendance In Church

Covid restrictions have all been lifted, but if members would prefer to continue wearing masks for their own peace of mind, that is, of course, no problem. Also, we have plenty of seating available in church, whether you wish to sit together or prefer to continue social distancing.

We are able to issue hymn-books once again, and we have re-introduced the Order of Service.

If you have a notice for inclusion in the Order of Service, please forward to our secretary, Louise ( ekopc.office@btconnect.com or louisereilly0806@gmail.com ) by the Thursday of each week at the latest so that she can print on Friday mornings. (Alistair Walker, Session Clerk)

ii) Attendance Online

There is nothing to compare with being in church together, in communion with others, as we know only too well after the Covid lockdown.

But for the benefit of the housebound (temporary or permanent), those on holiday or working away, and even potential newcomers to our church, we will continue to broadcast our Sunday morning service live each week (also see other options below).

The link is indicated by a small screen photo which is found on our Home page. During the week it continues to show the previous week's service, then on Sunday, a few minutes before 11am, a 'holding' screen opens, followed by the live link.

Having been on the Home page for a week, the recording of the service then moves to 'Watch a Service' - a 'Click-on button' below the video picture.

Below that, you will find sound-only recordings of services in 'Listen to a Service'. (Audio recordings are listed in date order so if you do not see the service you want, check you are in the right 'quarter').

iii) Know someone who is housebound with no internet?

For housebound members without access to the internet, we can provide recordings (on request) in the following formats a day or two after the service has finished: Telephone Dial-a-Service, CD, DVD, USB stickPlease get in touch with Alistair Walker, or your elder, if you would like to know more about these for a friend or relative in the church.     


Hymns for Sunday Services

Hymn numbers are from 'CH4' which is the hymnbook we use in church. Here are the hymns for the upcoming services:

3rd July

CH4 252    As A Fire Is Meant For Burning

CH4 501    Take This Moment

CH4 251    I The Lord Of Sea And Sky

CH4 248    For My Sake And The Gospel's Go

Sunday School  

Meeting in the Upper Hall next to church at 11am, we cater for children in Pre-school to Primary 7. We generally have a mix of music, puzzles / quizzes, games, crafts, 'circle time' chat, a prayer, and a bible story.

Note: The term ended on 19th June, when we enjoyed an All-age Family Service together in the church. We now have a Summer Sunday School - a more relaxed and flexible session for the holiday period. 

Children should be dropped off at the Upper Hall next to the church (up the ramp and then stairs) at 10.50-11am and collected there after the service – they only go in to the church on special occasions.  (Iain Shaw 07912295943 /iainshaw18@gmail.com)

See also our Sunday School page in 'The Young at the 'Old' / Youth section.

Messy Church 
Generally Messy Church sessions (for all the family) take place on the first Sunday* of the month, 2pm - 4pm. All are welcome to come to these sessions but please contact Iain Shaw first - 07912295943 iainshaw18@gmail.com

Church Contact details: 

To contact us, telephone: 01355 279004, email ekopc.office@btconnect.com or you can use 'Contact Us' on this website. You can also go to www.Facebook.com/EKOLDPC  



1.  Order of Service

2.  Help Needed x3

3.  Fiona A. Celebration

4.  Group Activities

5.  Ch,Youth,Families 

6.  Food donations

7.  EKO Mag

8.  Prayer Group

9.  Get in touch! 

10. Our Contact Details 

Please check notice in 'Worship, Sunday School and M.C.' re hymn details and our Summer Sunday School...
1.  Order of Service Notices
Notices for inclusion in the Order of Service should be sent to our secretary, Louise ekopc.office@btconnect.com or louisereilly0806@gmail.com ) by the Thursday of each week at the latest - to be printed on Friday mornings. 
2.  Help Needed:

Church Facebook and Website (URGENT)

Would you like to find out about how you could help with getting information on to our church Facebook page or website, either as a 'reporter' on events, a photographer, or writer of 'copy'? And if you'd like to do even more than sending info in to us, and have experience of using Word, you could also have a go at typing information straight on to the relevant pages - we would be on hand to guide you till you got the hang of it. Conveniently, these tasks would be done from home at a time to suit you. Get in touch direct, use 'Contact Us' or go via the Church Office for more info - there's no obligation to continue if you find it's not for you. (Christine B)

Recording Services

On the other hand, if you have more of an interest in filming and sound recording, our 'Sound Desk' is the place for you. We have an experienced 'Sound & Vision' team now, trained by Austin, who take turns in live streaming / recording the church services.  It would be good to have a couple of extra people learning how to do this - get in touch and we'll show you what's involved. No obligation if you decide it's not for you. Contact Austin Hepburn, Lorraine Kerr, or speak to a member of the Sound Desk team on Sunday if you'd like to find out more. Alternatively, leave a message with the Church Office or 'Contact Us' on this website. We'd love to hear from you, however you get in touch!

Teas & Coffees after Sunday Service

We still need three volunteers  to form a team to help serve teas and coffees after the service on around 7 Sundays a year. Please contact Norma Penman or Diana Ramsay. 

3. Celebration for Fiona Anderson OLM

We all remember Fiona fondly from her time with us a couple of years ago. During the pandemic she was unable to properly celebrate her ordination, but has now taken steps to remedy that! There will be a celebratory Songs of Praise in her church, Strathaven Trinity, at 7pm on Sunday 3rd July followed by tea, cake and fellowship. Fiona has extended an invitation to all of us at East Kilbride Old to join in this special occasion.

4. Groups and Activities 

Please see updated schedule below. (Note: Children's Art and Junior Badminton have now finished for the summer.)

See Focus noticeboard for details of Summer Holiday Club.
MAY 22 Regular activities photo copy

Click Here  to download the above updated version of 'East Kilbride Old Parish Church Regular Activities Programme'.  

Important: Please get in touch with Christine B. direct if you are aware of any changes to the above - you can phone, use this website's 'Contact Us' system, the EKO magazine email address, or leave a message on the Church Office phone.

5. Children, Youth & Families Activities

Summer Holiday Club

Note: We have now added the following details and some photos of last year's event to our 'Focus' noticeboard - scroll down.

For Primary School-aged children: 'Summer Olympics', 10am - 12noon, 8th-12th August, Kirktonholme Park. Sports, Fun, Games, Arts, Crafts, Puzzles, Bible Stories & more. Free of charge! Places are filling fast, but have been increased to 60plus, so if you are interested get in touch with Iain Shaw ( 07912295943 / iainshaw18@gmail.com)as soon as possible.)

Click Here  for the Registration Form  

Congregational Competition 

We are asked to send in selfies taken on our holidays, whether in East Kilbride, Majorca, Australia or wherever. The Sunday School will put a map up on the Upper Hall wall to show where our congregation has been. If you go to more than one place, you can send more photos in. Just waiting for confirmation of the right email address to send them to....

6. Community Link Support (updated)

19th June: See also our News page item.

Loaves and Fishes

We have a box at the door of the church each Sunday for donations of non-perishable groceries to help replenish the stock at Loaves and Fishes. Items in short supply are: dried pasta; canned tuna, chicken, salmon, fruits, pastas (eg. spaghetti, ravioli), beans etc.; peanut butter; all toiletries; hygiene products; and cleaning supplies. Well done everyone who has contributed! This project will be on-going for the foreseeable future - we've already delivered 60 bags (June). (Norma Penman & Diana Ramsay)

7. EKO Magazine

'Click on the Pic' below to open up the latest EKO magazine (June, as the magazine is not published over the summer). Please note: The deadline for submission of articles for the September magazine is Wednesday 24th August 2022 

 Screen Shot 2022 05 31 at 21.28.59 copy 


If you wish to receive the EKO by email, please contact Isobel Gray - you can use the Church Office number: 01355 279004, isobelgray@blueyonder.co.uk  or ekopcmagazine@gmail.com . 

8. Our Prayer Group

candleOur Prayer Group meets in person in the Lounge after church and welcomes your prayer requests to our Heavenly Father on your behalf. Please use the Prayer Box and slips provided at church, or send texts / emails to Marilyn Ross (just ring the office for her contact details - we dont publish them on the website). Also in the hand-delivered EKO.

If you would like to come along to the Prayer Group, which meets in the Lounge after Church each week, you will be made most welcome.

"Take your worries to the Lord in prayer. The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.”

Please note: The Prayer Diary is not published in the summer, when there is no EKO magazine. The next will be September.

9. We’d love to hear from you!  Did You Know ?...

map of world

 ... we’ve got folks watching our services in the Caribbean, the US, Germany, Scandinavia as well as various parts of the UK?

Are you among them? Do you watch our weekly service? Have you a local connection here but are now settled living away from East Kilbride?

We’d love to hear from you!

Please get in touch with us - by clicking on 'Contact Us', or via the church email address: ekopc.office@btconnect.com . You could maybe tell us a bit about yourself, where you live (in the UK or abroad), how you found us, and what you like best about our website? No personal information will be printed on the site (unless you are happy with that).

10. Contact details

We are here to help in difficult times!  To contact us, use any of the following (all now monitored daily, despite the office being physically closed):

Telephone: 01355 279004; Office Email: ekopc.office@btconnect.com ; Communications Team Email: ekopcmagazine@gmail.com ; send a Website Message via 'Contact Us' on this website;  Or to go to our Facebook page, click the link below.    

  facebook www.facebook.com/EKOLDPC

The FOCUS page
Here we turn a spotlight on things we are doing in the church, things which include a bit more information or photos... Get in touch with your suggestions!
Summer Holiday Club 2022
Screen Shot 2022 06 24 at 12.12.01 copy

For Primary School-aged children: 'Summer Olympics' Holiday Club, 10am - 12noon, 8th-12th August, Kirktonholme Park. Sports, Fun, Games, Arts, Crafts, Puzzles, Bible Stories & more - all free!

Places are filling fast, but have been increased to 60 plus, so if you are interested, get in touch with Iain Shaw ( 07912295943 / iainshaw18@gmail.com) as soon as possible.)

Here are some photos from last year:

Iain Chute and kids 7170 copy
 Green Teamand Helpers reduced copy
 Blue Team reduced copy
 Red Team reduced copy
Want to join us this year? Just Click Here  to download the Registration Form and return it to Iain.
Hall Letting 
Our church has three halls and a number of rooms which can be hired as regular or one-off lets:
> Next to the church we have the Lower and Upper Halls, Lounge area, a small upstairs meeting room, small kitchen and toilets. They are located in the building shown here on the right, with the Lower Hall area being unseen, to the rear with main access through the church gate and up the ramp:
cropped church view from Legends copy
> We also have a bigger, more modern hall with stage, well-equipped kitchen, toilets (including disabled), and car parking as shown below, and also there are several paid parking areas both on and off Glebe Street:
GLEBE ST HALL without potholes reduced size copy
 IMG 8404
Hall Glebe with chairs
Hall 2
IMG 8398
The following documents will be useful to you if you are interested in booking any of our spaces, and you can call our office number 01355 279004 if you need anything further: 
Click Here  for Information on Booking Hall/Room Lets 
Click Here  for Terms and Conditions re letting church premises
Click Here  for Hall/Room Let Application Form 
Click Here  for the Use of Halls/Rooms Request Form for Small Meetings


Now keep scrolling down (or go to the top menu) for our other sections:

Church Welcome and Introduction including: 

General Information; Location Maps; and 'Contact Us' message facility.

then our

Click-on Boxes:

Worship with Us, including information on Church Services as well as Communion; Accessibility and Extra Support; a 'Newcomers' Guide  

News: Church News; Pastoral Letter; Youth & Families Worker Updates

Photo Gallery

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals 

Activity Group Pages (Youth and Adults)

Faith Matters

History and Graveyard

NB: Work and Workings of the Church is yet to be opened...


Welcome to East Kilbride Old Parish Church!

Join us for worship on
Sunday Mornings from 11am – 12noon.

We hope you will feel a warmth and friendliness and that your experience of our worship together is enjoyable, meaningful and encouraging. Please also look out for activities you could be a part of during the week – there are lots of opportunities to meet with a friendly crowd! East Kilbride Old prides itself in being known as a welcoming church.


From the church of the past to the church of today…

“This website includes a section on the history of the church and its graveyard because we know may visitors are interested in this. The current building dates back to 1774 (though there has been a church on this site since pre-Reformation times).

When today’s church was built, it stood in the midst of a small village. Today it stands in the midst of a large new town with a population of around 75,000 people.

Beautiful as it is however, our church is not the building, but the people. Within that building, there is a warm church family. People of all ages meet together, all striving to reach out to the community we serve in the Village area and East Mains.

We have active organisations for children and adults, giving a wealth of opportunities for fellowship and sharing, and everyone is assured of a warm welcome.”

Rev. Anne Paton

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Join us for worship this Sunday

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Church & Halls

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East Kilbride Old Parish Church
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