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East Kilbride

Old Parish



Our church building is open and you are welcome! 


Join us every Sunday, live at 11am    

in church and online

Sunday, 16th January 

was led by Ian Douglas


For the video of this service, just click 'Play' arrow on screen below (now trimmed)

The sound-only recording of this service is now available in 'Listen-to-a-Service' below along with previous services in audio

Video recordings of previous services are in 'Watch-a-Service' below



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On this page you will find:
  • Services in Church & Online
  • Sunday School / Messy Church  
  • Church Meetings
  • Zoom Help
  • Contact details
Live Services - In Church and Online
Live Sunday morning services are at 11am, both in the church (in accordance with government guidelines) and via online live broadcast on this website, Facebook and Youtube.
Anne in pulpit blue

Advice when attending church

We want everyone to feel as safe as possible in our church while collectively doing our best to help reduce the spread of the new variant.

The Covid guidance from the government and the Church of Scotland is being reviewed regularly in the light of concerns over the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. 

We are now asking members who plan to come to our services to get into the habit of taking regular lateral flow tests (LFT), and ideally one before a service. You can order free lateral flow tests online (Click Here for the NHS link) and they normally arrive in the post within a couple of days. Or you can collect them from some pharmacies and local Covid Test Centres. They are now even easier to use than the original tests.

One metre socially-distanced seating now applies throughoout the church and we have hand sanitisers at the doors. We also do special cleaning between services. 
Communal hymn books are not yet allowed, but you can bring your own hymnbook if you have one. Alternatively, you can bring along a digital or paper copy, but PLEASE ensure that any digital device will be silent during the service and any paper copy is taken home with you! You will find the hymn numbers, titles and a link to the words on our 'Notices' page. 

Note: Masks must be worn by adults in the congregation and choir while singing - except for individuals who are officially exempt. 

As well as being required to make use of our hand sanitisers and wear face coverings, the congregation must continue to provide contact details. We use Track & Trace, so members must give advance notice to the Church Office (by Friday midday) that they will attend - contact the Church office 01355 279004 or ekopc.office@btconnect.com; or through Facebook Messenger.  Note: Our aim is that anyone who finds the stairs to the balcony difficult can have a seat downstairs. If the church is particularly busy, we may have to ask members who don’t regularly choose the balcony to take a seat upstairs so as to free up a seat downstairs. This change will be reviewed, taking account of any comments from members.

Online Attendance

Our congregation attest that there is nothing to compare with being in church together, in communion with others, and we know this only too well after the Covid lockdown.

But for the benefit of the housebound (temporary or permanent), those on holiday or working away, and even potential newcomers to our church, we will continue to broadcast our Sunday morning service live each week (also see other options below).

The link is indicated by a small screen photo which is found on our Home page. During the week it continues to show the previous week's service, then on Sunday, a few minutes before 11am, a 'holding' screen opens, followed by the live link.

Having been on the Home page for a week, the recording of the service then moves to 'Watch a Service' - a 'Click-on button' below the video picture.

Below that, you will find sound-only recordings of services in 'Listen to a Service'. (Audio recordings are listed in date order so if you do not see the service you want, check you are in the right 'quarter').

Know someone who is housebound with no internet?

For housebound members without access to the internet, we provide recordings in these formats: Telephone Dial-a-Service, CD, DVD, USB stick, all on request. Please get in touch with Alistair Walker, or your elder, if you would like to know more about these for a friend or relative in the church.     

Sunday School  
Our Sunday School is a chance for our young ones to have fun with a mix of music, puzzles / quizzes, games, crafts, 'circle time chat', a prayer, and a bible story. We cater for different age groups from, say, pre-school to Primary 7. Examples of previous work done and emailed in are shown on the Sunday School's 'Our Space' page. 
 We now meet 'in person' once again, at 11am. 
Children should be dropped off at the Upper Hall next to the church (up the ramp and then stairs) at 10.50-11am and collected there after the service – they will not be going in to the church (except for special events). 
Messy Church 
Due to restrictions, Messy Church is on hold.
Church MeetingsCurrently all meetings are suspended - to be reviewed mid January. 
Kirk Session photo August 2021

As you can see in the photo above, we recently held our first in-person Kirk Session meeting since Covid in Glebe St Hall, but some committees and groups may find it practical to continue with Zoom meetings from time to time, so we will keep our following 'Zoom Guides' for a while at least.


zoom cameraNew to Zoom? It’s as easy as choosing between 1, 2, 3 and 4! (And now 5! - telephone access)

If you are new to Zoom and want to join us in a planned meeting, please get set up beforehand. Try whichever of these methods suits you:

1)  Click Here (or below at 3 if you prefer pictures). 


2) Send us your email in advance and our reply will get you started. Either phone it in to EK 279004, or email us at ekopcmagazine@gmail.com .

Note: you must be able to access your emails on the device you plan to use for Zoom. 


3) Prefer picture guides?

a) Picture guide for people who have downloaded the 'app': Click Here 

b) For people who have not yet downloaded the 'app':  We recommend you watch the video at 4) below.

c) Picture guide to the control symbols when you are in the 'Zoom Room' (for beginners)Click Here for a picture of the screen in a meeting, explaining the controls eg for sound, video, etc. You can zoom in on the screen picture if required in the usual way.

4) Prefer a short video tutorial?  Click Here  

This is a short Youtube video made by a 'senior' couple who explain much of what we've told you above but in video format.

When you open it, change to Full Screen view by clicking the broken square at the bottom right of the video screen itself.

To go back again, click the Esc (Escape) key - top left on a keyboard, or use the Home button on an iPad. 

5)  Accessing Zoom meetings by telephone (audio only)

1) First, you need the Zoom meeting code number from the person hosting the meeting. (They will also give you a passcode if it's needed).

2) Dial 0131 460 1196

3) When asked, use the number keys on your phone to type in the meeting code, followed by the hash key: #

4) When asked for a 'participant ID', just press # again. (A participant ID isn't often used) 

5) When asked for passcode: 

      a) If there is one, key in the passcode the host has given you.

      b) If there isn't one, then just press the # key on your phone. 

6) You will get a message that you are in the 'waiting room' and the host will let you in soon... 

7) The host then lets you in. You will be asked to identify yourself, and you can join the meeting.

Get in touch if you need more help - use our 'Contact Us' button or the Church Office number (01355279004) in advance, or ring the host. Alistair and Iain are also usually able to help.  

Need more help?

We will have nominated Helpers if you have a problem joining the 'meeting'. Just get in touch using our usual contact details (below, last item) preferably in advance. But you can also ring Iain, Alistair or Anne at the time of the meeting and one of them will 'step out' to give you guidance. Most commonly the issue is putting your volume or picture on. Read the guidance notes above to familiarise yourself with the control symbols. 


Contact details: 

To contact us, telephone: 01355 279004, email ekopc.office@btconnect.com or you can use 'Contact Us' on this website. You can also go to www.Facebook.com/EKOLDPC  


1. Services

2. Hymns 16/1

3. Sunday School 

4. Church Groups suspended

5. New Presbytery details

6. Food donations

7. Kirk Life 

8. EKO Mag Link: January

9. Prayer Diary January 

10. Ch.ofScot. Update

11. Get in touch! 

12. Our Contact Details 

1. Sunday Service Information:
Anne in pulpit blue

Note: Our 'Getting back to Normal' page gives more details about our services in these new times.

Updated advice when attending church:

The Covid guidance from the Church of Scotland has been updated in the light of concerns over the rapid spread of the Omicron variant. We want everyone to feel as safe as possible in our church while collectively doing our best to help reduce the spread of the new variant.

1. We encourage you to take regular lateral flow tests (LFT), and ideally one before a service. Stay at home if it is positive, or if you have symptoms, and follow government advice.

2. 1 metre social distancing now applies throughout the church.
3. We have hand sanitisers at the doors for you to use.
4. We also do special cleaning between services. 
5. Enter and exit the church as directed by the door duty team, without stopping to chat - avoid queues
6. Wear a mask. (Applies to congregation and Choir, even when singing, except for individuals who are officially exempt). 


2. Hymns

We cannot yet issue hymnbooks so please bring along your own CH4 hymnbook if you have one, or take a note of the hymn titles if using another hymnary. Alternatively, you can bring along a digital or paper copy of the words (link to the hymn sheet available below), but PLEASE ensure that:

a) any digital device will be silent during the service

b) any paper copy is taken home with you

Many thanks!

Click Here for the hymn sheet for Sunday, 16th January 

CH4 519  Love Divine, all Loves Excelling
CH4 189 Be Still, for the Presence of the Lord
CH4 533 Will you Come and Follow me
CH4 159  Lord, for the Years Your Love has Kept and Guided

3. Sunday School Dates

The Sunday School is meeting 'in person', in the Upper Hall next to church, at 11am. NO CANCELLATION.

We generally have a mix of music, puzzles / quizzes, games, crafts, 'circle time' chat, a prayer, and a bible story. We can cater for children in Pre-school to Primary 7. Children should be dropped off at the Upper Hall next to the church (up the ramp and then stairs) at 10.50-11am and collected there after the service – they will not be going in to the church except on special occasions.

Throughout January we are collecting Christmas cards featuring the words: ‘Peace’, ‘Hope’ ‘Love’, ‘Joy’ for a piece of artwork. Drop them in at our office or Sunday School.

Please spread the word! Iain Shaw 07912295943 / iainshaw18@gmail.com

See also our Sunday School page in 'The Young at the 'Old' / Youth section. 

4. IMPORTANT: Church Groups/Meetings Suspended 

You will all be aware of government concerns about the current steep increase in Covid cases due to Omicron, and the re-imposition of some Covid restrictions from Boxing Day.

While attendance at church is still allowed, there is an impact on our organisations and activities in and around the church

The updated guidelines from Church of Scotland make specific mention of meetings stating: 

“in person meetingsshould not take place, and neither should small study groupsor prayer meetings in church or in homes at this time.” 

As a consequence, all of our in-person activities, apart from worship and Sunday School, are suspended as long as current restrictions apply.

The current measures should be reviewed by the Scottish Government in mid-January, after which the Church of Scotland will prepare and circulate revised guidelines. We will then look at how they impact on our own situation at the Old Parish Church and give you a further update.


5. New Presbytery

A new presbytery came into being on 1st January - we are now members of the new Presbytery of Forth Valley and Clydesdale. We have posted details and a link to a 'Welcome' video on our 'News' page. 

6. Community Link Support

Loaves and FishesWe have a box at the door of the church each Sunday from 5th December for donations of non-perishable groceries to help replenish the stock at Loaves and Fishes. Items in short supply are: dried pasta; canned tuna, chicken, salmon, fruits, pastas (eg. spaghetti, ravioli), beans etc.; peanut butter; all toiletries; hygiene products; and cleaning supplies. In December we delivered 9 large bags of groceries to the charity.

7. Kirk Life

Church Calendar

The 2022 Church Calendar is on sale after church in the Lower Hall. A wee extra present at the very reasonable cost of £5!

Burns Supper

Cancelled due to the health situation. 

Prize Donations

Thanks for your generosity - we have enough stocks of prizes for the time being (partly due to the lack of events going ahead).

8. EKO Magazine for January

A digital copy is available when you click on the picture below:

EKO front Jan22
Please note: The deadline for the February magazine is Wednesday 26th January, 2022

If you wish to receive the EKO by email, please contact Isobel Gray - you can use the Church Office number: 01355 279004, isobelgray@blueyonder.co.uk  or ekopcmagazine@gmail.com . 

9. Our Prayer Group

candleOur Prayer Group meets in person after church and welcomes your prayer requests to our Heavenly Father on your behalf. Please could you now send texts / emails to Marilyn Ross (contact details are in the magazine).

"Take your worries to the Lord in prayer. The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.”

Prayer Diary  


15th. Lord, we ask that those who love you may feel secure.

16th. Father, thank you that you are our safe place and that we can shelter beneath your wings.

17th. Help me make every day one of purpose and meaning, Lord.

18th. Give thanks for prayers that have been answered.

19th. Lord, teach us to serve our neighbour and love others as you love us.

20th. Lord, great are your works.

21st. Lord, remind me that listening to others is time well spent.

22nd. I will keep my eyes always on the Lord.

23rd. Lord, make us responsible and move us towards behaviours that are environmentally healthy; help us to follow your lead in caring for the world you love.

24th. Lord, let today be a day I walk in faith.

25th. Forgive me for shutting my mind to the truth and closing my heart to love.

26th. Strengthen my ability to focus on the real priorities today.

27th. Thank you for providing a place where I can bring all my doubts and fears.

28th. Be with all those in need of compassion and comfort.

29th. Pray for common sense regarding the new strain of Covid, that people will observe all rules.

30th. The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid.

31st. Thank-you for all the blessings in my life.


10. Church of Scotland Prayers

Moderator invites us to mark Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

This year's Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, based on the theme of ‘We saw the star in the East, and we came to worship him' (Matthew 2:2), takes place from Tuesday 18 January until Tuesday 25 January, with brand new resources available including a Scots Gaelic translation of this year's guide. (See the Church of Scotland website for more - link given on our News page.)


On the first day of 2022, 15 Scottish Christian churches and organisations across the country, including the Church of Scotland, have co-signed a letter calling for prayer in response to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Scottish Christians are invited to join in prayer today, reflecting on the suffering of 2021 and turning towards the new year with the knowledge that the light of the Word is not overcome by the darkness.


"‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.' (John 1: 5)

"As we reach the end of a year and turn towards the year that is to come, the dark shadow of Covid-19 still lies over us and the community of which we are a part.

"There is no part of our society that has not been impacted and no part of our community that has not suffered.

"We have endured much and struggled with the abiding uncertainty that still clouds our vision of the year ahead.

"Nevertheless, no matter how abiding the uncertainty and the darkness of the shadow, the Gospel affirms that: ‘the darkness did not overcome it'.

"The darkness has not overcome the ‘light that shines in the darkness'.

"The Gospel affirmation is especially resonant at this time for it affirms that at no point is the light of the Word come from God consumed by darkness.

"We know and affirm by faith that the ‘Word became flesh and lived among us'. (John 1: 14)

"In the year that is to come, the light of God abides and no darkness will consume it.

"We ask the One who is the light of the world to give us light that we may walk safely, even where darkness abides: ‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.'"

We pray:

Light of the World,
May You arise and shine even in the face of darkness:
We come as those who have dwelt in the shadows
And shared in the suffering and uncertainty of these times.
Abide with us and shed Your light amongst us
That we might know Your abiding presence.
Lord, in Your mercy
Hear our prayer.

Light of the World,
May You arise and shine even in the face of darkness;
We come as those who have sought Your light
In the year that is now past.
We give thanks that You have led us safe thus far
And that You shall lead us home.
Lord, in Your mercy
Hear our prayer.

Light of the World,
May You arise and shine even in the face of darkness:
We come as those who journey on towards the horizon
Where light shall surely break and the darkness be vanquished.
We pray for the bereaved and for the bereft
And ask that You would draw near to them in Your compassion.
Lord, in Your mercy
Hear our prayer.

Light of the World,
May You arise and shine even in the face of darkness:
We come as those who now step forth
Into the year that is to come.
We ask of You light for the days that lie ahead
And, once more, the knowledge of Your abiding presence.
Lord, in Your mercy
Hear our prayer.

Note: Links to Church of Scotland News and Events are at the foot of our 'News' page.

11. We’d love to hear from you!  Did You Know ?...

map of world

 ... we’ve got folks watching our services in the Caribbean, the US, Germany, Scandinavia as well as various parts of the UK?

Are you among them? Do you watch our weekly service? Have you a local connection here but are now settled living away from East Kilbride?

We’d love to hear from you!

Please get in touch with us - by clicking on 'Contact Us', or via the church email address: ekopc.office@btconnect.com . You could maybe tell us a bit about yourself, where you live (in the UK or abroad), how you found us, and what you like best about our website? No personal information will be printed on the site (unless you are happy with that).

12. Contact details

We are here to help in difficult times!  To contact us, use any of the following (all now monitored daily, despite the office being physically closed):

Telephone: 01355 279004; Email: ekopc.office@btconnect.com ; Send a Website Message via 'Contact Us' on this website;  Or to go to o2r Facebook page, click the link below.    

  facebook www.facebook.com/EKOLDPC

The FOCUS page
We now use this page to turn a spotlight on things we are doing in the church, things which include a bit more information or photos...
Do get in touch if you would like to propose a particular topic you would like us to focus on!
Hall Letting 
Our church has three halls and a number of rooms which can be hired as regular or one-off lets:
> Next to the church we have the Lower and Upper Halls, Lounge area, a small upstairs meeting room, small kitchen and toilets. They are located in the building shown here on the right, with the Lower Hall area being unseen, to the rear with main access through the church gate:
cropped church view from Legends copy
> We also have a bigger, more modern hall with stage, well-equipped kitchen, toilets and car parking in nearby Glebe Street, seen in the photos below:
GLEBE ST HALL without potholes reduced size copy
 IMG 8404
Hall Glebe with chairs
Hall 2
IMG 8398
The following documents will be useful to you if you are interested in booking any of our spaces, and you can call our office number 01355 279004 if you need anything further: 
Click Here  for Information on Booking Hall/Room Lets 
Click Here  for Terms and Conditions re letting church premises
Click Here  for Hall/Room Let Application Form 
Click Here  for the Use of Halls/Rooms Request Form for Small Meetings


Now keep scrolling down (or go to the top menu) for our other sections:

Church Welcome and Introduction including: 

General Information; Location Maps; and 'Contact Us' message facility.

then our

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Worship with Us, including information on Church Services as well as Communion; Accessibility and Extra Support; a 'Newcomers' Guide  

News: Church News; Pastoral Letter; Youth & Families Worker Updates

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Activity Group Pages (Youth and Adults)

Faith Matters

History and Graveyard

NB: Work and Workings of the Church is yet to be opened...


Welcome to East Kilbride Old Parish Church!

Join us for worship on
Sunday Mornings from 11am – 12noon.

We hope you will feel a warmth and friendliness and that your experience of our worship together is enjoyable, meaningful and encouraging. Please also look out for activities you could be a part of during the week – there are lots of opportunities to meet with a friendly crowd! East Kilbride Old prides itself in being known as a welcoming church.


From the church of the past to the church of today…

“This website includes a section on the history of the church and its graveyard because we know may visitors are interested in this. The current building dates back to 1774 (though there has been a church on this site since pre-Reformation times).

When today’s church was built, it stood in the midst of a small village. Today it stands in the midst of a large new town with a population of around 75,000 people.

Beautiful as it is however, our church is not the building, but the people. Within that building, there is a warm church family. People of all ages meet together, all striving to reach out to the community we serve in the Village area and East Mains.

We have active organisations for children and adults, giving a wealth of opportunities for fellowship and sharing, and everyone is assured of a warm welcome.”

Rev. Anne Paton

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Join us for worship this Sunday

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East Kilbride Old Parish Church
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