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At the beginning of a new year we tend to reflect on the year just ended and have hopes, dreams and ambitions for the year ahead. My hope for the coming year is that you will all find the hope that Jesus offers – the hope that lasts forever no matter what life throws at you.

We recently held several successful events for all the family. These were all well supported and enjoyed by those who attended. These included our Christmas Messy Church, Family Film afternoon where we watched Mamma Mia & the various family Church services held over the advent period in the lead up to Christmas.

I am in the early planning stages of creating a few new family events for the coming year which hopefully will include sports, drama, and music as well as family fun events as well as continuing to run the current popular family events and it would be great if you were able to join us at any of these events.

A date for your diary is Sunday 2nd February (note correction), when our first Messy Church of 2020 will take place in the Glebe Street Hall from 4-6pm. 

A new year thought for your consideration – take an empty jar and at the end of each week in 2020 add a note with a good thing that happened that week then on new years eve empty the jar and read the notes to remind yourself of what an amazing year you had.

As always, I am very appreciative of all your support and prayers – Thank you.

I wish you all a happy, peaceful and blessed New Year.

Iain  (Youth & Families Worker)



At this time of year, during the season of Advent, we reflect on the birth of Jesus and may ask ourselves the question what is our greatest need at Christmas? If our greatest need is for information, God would have sent us an educator, if our greatest need is for more money, God would have sent us an economist, if our greatest need is for pleasure, God would have sent us an entertainer but our greatest need was and still is forgiveness, so God sent us a Saviour.

We recently held several successful events for all the family. These were all well supported and enjoyed by those who attended. These included a family beetle drive which was great fun from the youngest to the eldest, Messy Church where the theme was Light and the text – “Jesus is the light of the world” and most recently a family film afternoon where everyone enjoyed popcorn while watching Disney’s award-winning movie “Frozen”.

More is planned for December and it would be great if you were able to join us at the following events:

  • ·Messy Christmas – Sunday 1st December in the Glebe St Hall from 4-6pm
  • ·Family Film Afternoon –Sunday 8th December - Mamma Mia from 2-4pm in the Glebe St Hall and
  • ·Family Advent Service – Sunday 22nd December at 11am

All are welcome – please do come and enjoy this fellowship.

As always, I am very appreciative of all your support and prayers – Thank you.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful and blessed New Year.

Iain (Youth & Families Worker)


News Reports

17th November Family Film Afternoon - Disney's Frozen

See 'News' for info and photo.


8th November Beetle Drive and Bingo Night

See 'News' for more info and photos.


3rd November Messy Church  Shines!

The theme of our latest (now monthly) Messy Church was 'Light'. There were the usual games, bible stories, craft activities, food and singing. We made beautiful bottles filled with lights (see below). More pics to follow in the Photo Gallery.


DSC 0075


MC Food Table


DSC 0094


DSC 0068



I have spent a lot of time recently planning various events and have reflected on all that entails. There is preparing posters, flyers, newspaper articles, website updates etc in order to promote these activities both within and out with our Church.

Recently a small group of us has been exploring a few new avenues of “advertising”.

The first avenue being explored is the possibility of our Church having a social media page on Facebook. This is where many people get their information about forthcoming events and seems to be their first point of contact for news and information about a great many things. The group will continue to meet and an informed decision will be made in due course.

Secondly, the advertising of forthcoming family events is now on the TV screen within the Post Office in the Village. While people wait in the queue to be served, they can read all about what’s happening at EKOPC.   I also leave flyers and general information on the counter for people to pick up if they need information about a particular event or activity. Please let me know what you think of this if you are in the Post Office.

All this advertising and promotion of what our Church is doing reminded me importantly that as Christians we already have a good news story to advertise and that is the Good News of Jesus Christ. We must not forget this main message as we try to encourage both members and potential future members to be enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing, nurturing and serving people within our communities.

As always, I am very appreciative of all your support and prayers - thank you            

Iain (Youth & Families Worker)


News Report:

6th October Glebe St Hall becomes a Messy Church again!
Gifts and Talents was the theme of the East Kilbride Old Parish Church October Messy Church held in the Glebe St Hall. Photos show the Talent Tree made by some of those who attended (in total around 40 people

A welcome Messy Church Oct 19

Group with trees in front of screen

Oct MC hands up

Three adults on floor

Group around table JeanJ

OctMC Fiona floor copy


DSC 0586

These sessions were introduced at the Old Parish at the start of this year and have proved popular with children and adults alike - notably, with newcomers as well as existing church members. It's a great way for a new family to put a toe in the water and give Church a try.

As a result the Messy Church afternoons will now become a regular part of the church programme on the first Sunday of the month, 4pm - 6pm in the Glebe St Hall.  



At the end of this month the clocks go back an hour and that made me think of time.

Time is a precious possession in today’s fast-moving world and we are very much a time conscious generation. We all have the same amount of time – 24 hours a day but how do we choose to use our time?

At the beginning of October my daughter, Laura, turns 21 – I still remember very vividly and with great joy the day she was born as if it were only yesterday – how time flies by!!

God is in complete control of all time – he began the world according to His timing and He will return in His time.

Please take time to read the great “A Time for everything” passage in Ecclesiastes 3 (1-8).

Within our Children’s, Youth & Family work here in our congregation the time has come to change a few things –

The Young Mothers Group has changed the start and finish time of its Tuesday morning meetings in order to better accommodate the young mothers who attend – it will now start at 9.30am and end at 11.30am. Further information on this group can be found elsewhere in this magazine.

The Youth Group for secondary school aged young people has changed both its meeting day and time. The group previously met on a Sunday evening from 7.30pm-9.30pm in the Lounge Area & Lower Hall at the Church but in an attempt to attract new members the group will now meet on a Friday evening in the Glebe St Hall from 7pm -9.30pm for games, crafts, speakers, outings, quizzes and much much more !

Please pass on these new timings and arrangements to anyone in your family, friendship circle or neighbourhood who has young children or teenagers who meet the criteria for these groups.

Our Sunday School sections & Creche continue to meet on a Sunday morning, please encourage any children or young person you may know to come along and enjoy the fun and activities on offer every Sunday morning.

For families we have just had another successful family film afternoon watching Inside Out the award-winning Disney animation film about feelings and how we cope when things change in our life. A few new families joined us who I hope will come back to some or all of the other events we have planned in the coming months.

We have our next Messy Church event on Sunday 6th October in the Glebe St Hall from 4-6pm – please see the poster in this month's magazine for more information and finally we have a Family Beetle Drive & Bingo Night in the Glebe St Hall on Friday 8th November from 6-8pm where everyone is welcome – please see the poster in this magazine for more details.

Subject to demand I would like to run some events for children over the School October Week (Monday 14th – Friday 18th Oct) in the mornings from 10am – 12noon. Please keep an eye on the church intimations and website for more information in the coming weeks. I would also need a few volunteers to help at some or all of the sessions – so if you are free and willing to assist please text, email or speak to me please. My contact details are below.

Within our congregation we have been trying and will continue to try to find new expressions of faith or new ways of “doing Church” to encourage more young people and families to know the love of God and in response take an active interest and participation in the congregation’s life.

Take a bit of time today to turn to God and pray to Him to ask how you should best spend your time for his glory.

As always, I am very appreciative of all your support and prayers - thank you.

Iain (Youth & Families Worker) 



I wrote this article on the day the schools restarted and for me that is the trigger that summer is officially over. No doubt we will all be back into our old routines by now, particularly so as the regular Church activities will have resumed or are about to resume very soon.

I believe that the Church must build on the past but not live in it and whilst reflecting on my role here in our congregation I found the following two verses from the Bible very helpful – In 1 Corinthians 15 v 58 it says – “Stand firm and let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labour is not in vain” and from Galatians 6 v 9 – “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”

Within our congregation we have been trying and will continue to try to find new expressions of faith or new ways of “doing Church” in an attempt to encourage more young people and families to know the love of God and in response take an active interest and participation in the congregation’s life. I hope in the next few weeks to publish a calendar of events on the church website which will include Messy Church events, Family Film Afternoons, a Family Quiz Night, Beetle Drive, a Light Party (A Christian alternative party to Halloween), Family Walks, Family Fun afternoons / evenings and much more – I also hope to run another holiday club either during all of or part of the October School holiday week and/or the Easter School holidays. Please keep an eye on the intimations and/or the church website for more information on the above events.

During the last week of the school holidays we ran our holiday club using the “Teambuilders” material which helped the children to discover what it means to be part of a team and to understand that every role in a team is equally important and vital no matter how big or small.

Holiday clubs are crazy, dynamic, energetic and full of fun but above all share the good news of the Gospel. We had a small but faithful number attend each day and each child had a great time learning about the love of God in games, sports challenges, puzzles, arts and crafts and worship. Our club song, “It’s great to be on Gods team” was particularly memorable and the singing got louder each day and the actions more expressive. We focused on five different people, one each day (Joseph, Moses, Esther, Jesus and Paul) giving the children the opportunity to see what and how each of these contributed to Gods team. We ended the week with a short prizegiving ceremony and show-cased some of our work and singing to the congregation on the Sunday following the end of the club. This was well received and we had dancing in the aisles, spinning in the pews and energetic singing from the whole congregation of our club anthem which was wonderful to witness.

The success of such an event lies in the team of volunteers who offer to get involved. We were so very fortunate to have a superb team who freely gave of their time and talents for the benefit of the children – a simple thank you seems very inadequate but please be assured it is very heartfelt and genuine. It was an absolute honour & treat to be involved – one child didn’t want to go home & one volunteer said “when’s the next one?”

Please check out the church website under Holiday Club for more information and photos taken during the week.

I also found the following statements which are worth keeping in mind as we strive to do the Lord’s work in this place:

1 Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard,

2 Don’t count the days, make the days count,

3 What you do today can improve all your tomorrows,

4 Some people dream of success others stay awake to make it happen.

5 Are you waiting for it to happen or are you making it happen?

6 If you always do your best, your best will always get better, and

7 There is a big difference between not knowing and not knowing yet!!

As always, I am very appreciative of all your support and prayers - thank you Iain (Youth & Families Worker)


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